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Portable teeth whitening lamp

Item No.: TW-C
Mini teeth whitening lamp with 6 led bulbs.

A.The latest LED technology with tooth whitening Light,give teeth whitening more care and better result
B.The up-to date cool light teeth whitening Light can convert electric energy into strong light combination
C.The light activates the whitening gel and oxidizes the pigment of the teeth through dentin tubes in the shortest time,discoloring the teeth to sparkling white both externally and internally
D.The 20 minuter process ensures an improvement of five to fourteen shades,and typical applications as below:
teeth affected by coffee,sauce,tea,etc;
Mildly fluoric affected teeth,mildly tetracycline affected teeth:
Genetic yellow teeth,unknown reason yellow or black teeth;

Input Voltage:100-240V.50/60HZ
Light intensity:2 intensities(maximum 6000mw/cm2)
Light resource:6-pcs high power LED
Wave length:420-490nm
Adjustable timer:1-20min
Power consumption:300W
Packing size:37.5*24.5*10.5cm,2.1kg


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