Allen Song Portable LED curing light (with USB),Curing Light
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Portable LED curing light (with USB)

Item No.: ADS-E08
USB charger, more convenient
Application Range: It can be used for any brand of resin material.
Function and Features:
  1. Bionic handles design.
  2. Different color for choice: White and Cream.
  3. Constant light intensity output, it will not be affected by lower battery. As long as it is working, the light intensity will keep the same.
  4. High efficiency for exchange rate from electricity to light, a full charge can be used for more than 200 times continuously.
  5. 3 working modes: Full power output, Ramping and Pulse mode.
  6. Different time to choose: 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 30s, 35s, 40s.
  7. 3 adjustable light intensity: 1000,1200,1400mw/cm2
  8. Using BYD battery, the life time can be 3-5 years.
  9. Using USA circuit chips with super performance.
  10. The standby time can reach 6 month.(You can keep it in stock for 6 months without charging, once you took out, it can work again)
  11. Usage: Wireless or Wired. Both wireless one and wired one can be used for dental chair.
  12. Charging method: With USB cable, it can charged with any USB device.(Micro USB connection)

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