Allen Song Portable LED curing light,Curing Light
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Portable LED curing light

Item No.: ADS-E01
LED curing light
* Double function: the blue light for curing and the white light for examination.
* 4 working models : Strong light, Gradually light, Pulse, and Pre-heating.
  (The first 10s is with 50% power light, the rest time is full power light)
* Different time for choice :5s.10s.15s,20s,25s,30s,35s,40s.
* Three adjustable light intensity :800,1000,1200mW/cm2
* High articulation fiber optic light guide with 10mm diameter.
* LCD Screem display the working situation clearly .
* Constant light intensity output, it will not be effected whatever the battery is lower or full power.
* High efficiency for exchange rate from electricity to light.
  A full charge can be used for more than 200 times continoursly .
* Bionic sreamline design ,luxury and comfortable to operate.
* Humanized design with battery easy to replace.
* Automatically detection function of  charging voltage
* Double protection board for battery
* Using USA imported circuit chips.
* Using BYD battery
* The standby time can be half year

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