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Dental Implant Motor

Item No.: WDX-YZZ-LV
LCD display Dental Implant Motor
  1. Intuitive LCD display and control panel, which bring convenience to the operation;
    Original imported brushless motor, which is characterized by great torque, low noise, non-vibrations

  2. as well as accuracy and can be sterilized by high temperature;

  3. Alternative input supply voltage: AC100-110V or AC220-240V;

  4. Multifunctional foot switch, which is not only handy to operate but also against cross-infection caused by
    the contact between hands and the device;

  5. Adjustable rotation speed, torque, coolant flow and forward/reverse, which can meet various demands
    during implanting process;

  6. Ten types of reduction control angles, which are able to be as you need for operations;

  7. Ten kinds of program settings, each of which allows setting up different numerical values of rotation speed, torque, coolant flow, forward/reverse or reduction ratio for practical needs.


  8. Input Power Supply: AC100-110V or AC220-240V  50/60HZ;

  9. Output Power: 210W;

  10. Motor Rotation Speed Range: 1000rpm-30000rpm (1:1);

  11. Torque Range: (20:1);

  12. Coolant Flow: 0-100ml/min; 

  13. Stored Programs: 10 types;

  14. Foot Switch Control: coolant flow, program, forward/reverse, speed.
    Packing: 8kgs  size of box: 55 x 43 x 18cm


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