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Item No.: BST-009
The full package includes the following:
Distillation Equipment For Alcohol
1 carbon filters.
1 bottle of cleaner
Power cord
Glass or plastic container
Instruction manual
Description Materials of main parts: Details
High quality water distiller ,
CE approved.
For alcohol make High efficiency protect !
High efficiency protector for overheating
Detailed Product Description Specification:
1) Power: 350-750 W (350W is more better for alcohol make)
2)Related voltage and frequency:AC 110/120V,50Hz/60Hz,AC220/240V, 50Hz/60Hz
3) Size: 40cm x 24cm x 38cm
4) Daily distillate capacity: 26L(24hours)
5) Boiling chamber capacity: 4L
6) Collecting jug capacity: 4L
7) Gross weight: 7.5kg
Working principle:
Add water and plug in the socket, then power will be shut down power automatically after completion.

Package: paper carton Packing accessories:
1) a glass collection jug with handle.
2) a discharge cap
3) a stainless filter
4) a jug cap
5) a detergent
6) a power wire
7) A manual
(1) Operate easily: Add water and plug in the socket, then power will be shut down power automatically after completion.
(2)In small size.Light and handy: It’s typically suitable for households, hotels,offices, traveling, medicine, chemistiy purposes and so on.
(3) It also has a special function of sea water desalinationIt in family which is of survival necessity to those areas in shortage of fresh water
Materials of main parts:
1) Outer housing: Stainless steel body+PP food grade plastic of head cover
2) Boiling chamber: high grade SUS316 stainless steel, resist acid and alkaline corrosion
3) Influent and steam-out pipe: food grade silicon
4) Condensation coil: SUS316 stainless steel tube with food grade aluminum alloy films
5) Heating element: aluminium alloy, does not produce harmful substances when heated
6) Collecting jug: Glass Jug
7) Filter: Stainless steel
8) Over temperature Safety: Power-off when temperature is 160°C
(1)Distillation is the only effective purification method universally accepted by the world.
(2)Steam distillation is able to kill the harmful bacteria and viruses, remove heavy metal contents, chlorine and chemical. When water is heated into steam, it is separated from the original water that has a lot of contaminants, then the pure steam is guided into the condenser, where it is liquidated.
(3)The compact design of BEST industry water distillation system is typically suitable for fresh distilled water making by households, offices or other traveling purposes.
(4)Steam distillation, plus filtering by active carbon, ensures clean and pure drinking water, which is able to improve the natural flavor of raw juices, soup, coffee, tea and other soft drinks.
(5) Fill with regular tap water, canal water or well water, and heat it. To make 1 gallon of distilled water only needs four hours. Upon job completion, the machine shuts down automatically. Every day, it’s able to provide 8 gallons of high purity distilled water.
(6) Our water distillation system also has a special function of sea water desalination, which is of survival necessity to those areas in shortage of fresh water. The water after processing completely meets the quality standard for drinking water. In particular, it is also helpful to the making of rice alcohol in some south-eastern Asia regions, making the product taste thicker and purer.
(7) This product does not need large-size water bottle for storage, so there will not be redundant plastic bottles, which is very advantageous in terms of environmental protection.
(8) Features of our water distillation system: automatic machine shut down, high quality 316L stainless steel discharge tube, metal condenser, high-quality stainless steel heating container, high-quality heating structure integral with the container, 95% heat efficiency, excellent active carbon filtration system.
(9) We sincerely hope that you will have the best water distillation system with our years of comprehensive design and study.our water distillation system is able to provide you with the best purified water throughout the world.

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