Allen Song Professional Dental Chair Manufacture,Dental unit factory,Dental Equipment supplier
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Office Address: Yijiayuan Business building. No.68 Shilong Road(N),Xiadong,Guicheng Street,Nanhai District,Foshan.

Factory Adress:  Fenggong Industrial Zone, Nansha Village, Danzao town, Nanhai district, Foshan. 

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                                Skype: fsadelson2 
                                Facebook: 18218443153
                                Mobile: +86 18218443153
                     Lily     Email:  
                                Skype: fsadelson4
                                Facebook: 18277193043
                                Mobile: +86 18277193043
                   Karen    Email:    
                                Skype: adelsonhongkong
                                Facebook: 13726332881
                                Mobile: +86 18923239075

Karan 13726332881
Allen 18218443153
Lily 18277193043