Allen Song ADS-C006,Folding Dental Unit
Professional Dental Unit Manufacturer
Folding Dental Unit


Item No.: ADS-C006
Portable Dental Unit
Description About packing
Luxury Type-Folding Chair

Standard Accessories;
1)Plastic spittoon  1set
2)Rechargeable LED Light  1set
3)Flushing system  1set
4)Water supply system  1set
5)Portable Turbine 1set(A-D)
A-.  Saliva ejector 1set
B-.three way syringe 1set
C-.High speed tubing interface  1set
D-.Low speed tubing interface 1set

A-.Pull rod box
B-. Oilless Air Compressor
C-. 1 high speed / 1 Low speed handpiece set
D-.Built-in uitrasonic scaler chair/stool

Remarks: Before operation this therapeutic device need to connect with oil free compressor.


Folding chairs Gross weight; 28.5Kg/set
Folding chairs Package size (L)* (W)* (H); 103*64*37cm

Portable Turbine Gross weight; 5Kg/set
Portable Turbine Package size (L)* (W)* (H): 45*42*16cm


Karan 13726332881
Allen 18218443153